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grade. this morning's commute is looking good as you are driving near the area. this is a look at interstate 880 southbound and traffic is moving along well, and so is our logo, let's go back to the desk. a hazardous situation is giving a problem, tara joins us to tell us what is going on live. >> reporter: if you take a look behind me, you can see these windows are still open. they are letting some of these people back in so they can grab their belongings so they don't miss their flight a fire chief said it's all due to a carbon none oxide league. you can see police are here on scene and all of the windows to the nbc sweets are here to ventilate the building and it
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all started when somebody needed to be transported to the hospital. we don't know what their illness was but fire crews came out and six hours later they were called out again and this time they discovered the problem and evacuated about 1,000 people, that is nearly 1,000 people outside in the combed. >> they did some sam beg and found out there was a high level of carbon monoxide. so they sent the san mateo health department to determine what was going on here. >> they linked this to a faulty boiler, some have been camping out in their cars. it is extremely chilly and
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windy. that victim we told you about, they are being treated at the hospital. if you take a look around the parking lot, psych folks standing around sort of waiting for their next move. again some of them are told they are not allowed to go back in yet but we are not sure if it is close to the source of the league. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are also following overnight news near the san jose airport. jeanine della vega is at the airport with how this scary situation ended. into the early morning hours, it was 1st street and may tricks boulevard, and you can see this whole area used to
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be by police. there you see that new york pd pizza and because of what was inside that car, they advice them to evacuate because of that possible threat police detonated what was termed to be a pipe bomb at 1:00 a.m. this morning. police pulled over a van on a routine traffic stop. they determined that and then the bomb unit came to handle the situation. they immediately told businesses to leave. >> cops started to evacuate everything. >> i mean the bombs, you got to get out of there. >> reporter: tell us highway 101 was the shut down away from
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those businesses. police have die identified them and we are unsure if he is in the south bay and he is in custody for being in possession of an explosion sufficient device. jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. according to the san francisco chronicle, they report that the group, women for accountability made lead the effort to take out sheriff ross mirkarimi. many voted to reinstate him but they don't want a sheriff who has been convicted of buy lense. he is on investigation as of
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awe to prevent that. >> it is being called a fiscal cliff and the president and the white house returned to the white house and before returning, he called congressional leaders to work together and at least for the moment everybody is talking being bipartisanship. >> if there is a way to work together 0 othe challenges we need to work together. >> we need this which i see in an enormouslies totive sense -- if they don't automatic tax increases could kick in for all americans with massive spending
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cuts. they will hold a record number of commerce seats and she is now representing massachusetts. women also want first term and all of the 120 u.s. senate seats will be occupied by women. they a elected its first all european women. >> this is the newest chick fillet in the bay -- chick-fil- a area. dozens of people were camping out in hopes he have take advantage of the company's office, a year supply to 100
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customers online. >> my coach told me he need the the meals for a year. they are planning a protest around after his fans went against same sex marriage and they are asking them to back off the political controversy. what is touted to be the largest small is expected to open today. it will have 120 stores and has added 2000 jobs to the region . please warn there could be the first to open in california in more than 10 years and i hope my 13-year-old is not going to see this because she is going to want to go out there. 4:37 let's take a quick look at traffic, good morning,
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sal. we are doing well around the bay area, a little windy and cold out there, we will address that in just a moment and we will look at the commute on 80 westbound and it looks good as you head out to the mcarthur maze. 880 westbound, no major problems coming into the city and no problems getting onto the bridge and if you are driving on san jose freeways, northbound 885, we are off to a good start, here is mark. temperatures are cooling off, so our weather pattern continues to change, transitioning to a wet weather pattern, you can see some showers and it will be spreading to the south as we move to the early part of the
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afternoon. temperature and fran 83 and oakland airport has a wind gusts up to 35 this cold weather system will continue to cool things often mainly into the lower 50s and returning to the bay area today we do bring in a chance of a few thunderstorms. you will notice this, approach being some parts of the coastline and this moves across the central portion of the bay and it targets the south bay and by 8:00 and 9:00, we could be tracking some scattered showers as well. by 12:00, a few scattered
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showers as we showed you and right around 52 degrees. only in the of 0s -- 60s, we have a look ahead with your weekend always in view, saturday into sunday and coming up, we will look at the winter weather advisory that is set to begin up in the sierra. this time it is not a super storm but a nor'easter. the powerful storm is dumping snow and weighing down branches and trees. terms of thousands of homes and businesses have lost power again. >> we have back our power last friday and it's back out again today so frustrated is a fair word. >> more than 600 thoughts houses have not had power and contractors are going door to
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door to make sure everything is safe for when the electricity does go back on. they are tree to make sure some flights would be caps selled because of the nor'easter. the united airline postponed most of its flights, d.c. and new york were also canceled. back in court, the important hearing for the deadly arizona shooting rampage that critically injured congresswoman gabrielle giffords. and what the change in the three strikes law could mean for several prisoners. southbound 101, we will tell you more about the commute
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and the way area weather.
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. taking a look at live storm tracker, we do have some gusty winds, winds have sustained gusting to 35 miles per hour. welcome back, time now is 4:44, an 11 month old girl is in the hospital after falling from the upstairs window of her fremont home. it happened yesterday afternoon. firefighters say the baby landed -- baby landed 30 feet below. june fur burns helped to break her fall. she went to the hospital conscience and -- conscious and crying. voters approved proposition 36 and the passage means nonviolent relatively third strike crimes may not mean a
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life sentence. it is welcome news for those who may now be eligible for release. >> a lot of three strikers are who are in here for none fry lent crimes, we have had the opportunity to get in programs to address things. >> they are looking into whether 3,000 inmates are eligible for release. engineer rod love they are -- jared loughner will be sentenced to life in prison as part of a plea deal. congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be at the sentencing along with others who were at the attack. jared loughner is accused of killing 16 people and wounding several hours. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton is not interested in another four years and speculation is sentencing on jim kerry.
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tim geithner is also expected to be replaced by jack luan leon panetta has said he is ready to return to his walnut farm in monterey. it is not clear what mitt romney's plans are after losing out his bid for the white house. after watching the election news, he told them, win or lose he wanted to spend time with his family after months on the road. they are refusing to speculate what might be next for him but the former governor is unlikely to disappear from politics completely. they are revealing two things to watch this. marijuana is still illegal under federal laws despite the passage of the two measures. colorado and california is the first state to allow potato for
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use. oregon has rejected the measure for use. the protest will mark the one year anniversary of occupy cal. students say the money should be used to lower tuition. meantime the proposition 30 said they will resince the $239 fee end cries that will bring increases back to last year's rate. students will be credited or revised. this created the center for degenerative medicine. now they are asking if it has resulted in the stem cell money they have approved.
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he is a paraplegic and he believes he will walk again but critics say they spent 1 billion-dollars without the stem cell therapy. >> we do not have cures and will not had it within the time funned. >> they are lots of little steps but they will all add up to lots of little steps to when i'll take steps. let's take a look at our traffic again with sal, good morning. good morning, brian and pam, we are off to a decent start and we are been talking about how the weather will change and what we are looking for, i will get my friend mark to talk about it there will be any rain in the forecast. right now it is dry and there
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are no major problems and that's a decent drive paying cash and if you are on northbound 101 that traffic looks good approaching 280, mark? do you think we might see some rain tomorrow? >> this boy's commute looks good out there and there will be plenty of rain. right pain in with the rain closer to man 60s, 70s and 80s. some of these reports are out towards oakland and they are sustained at 26 miles per hour.
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fso sustained at 23 miles per hour. and you definitely want to bundle up out there. some rain showers and we will be watching this guy as he had his cold air moves until. by late friday into the chance of a scattered thunderstorm, it will be cold out and if we get the moisture in place we could have snow 3,000 feet in the bay area. that is out towards the sierra area and winter weather advisory lasts until 10:00 a.m. and snow fall will be on the area of 5 to 10 inches. here we have some moisture in
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not and warmest locations are out towards san jose and morgan hill. this weekend it will be dry with some very cold mornings. >> thank you mark. 441 is the time, the death toll keeps rising in central america. and another arrest of immune trip dice driver -- muni bus driver, we will have more on the suspect police are still looking for.
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. welcome back, we are looking at the death toll on guatemala near the mexico border. the 7.2 quake hit yesterday and was felt as close as mexico city and a number of buildings collapse and at least 100 people are still missing. it is making it very difficult to find victims with mudslides. on the night of the -- on the night the giants won the world series, he was booked on
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felony charges including vandalism. they also released another photo of a person, he is seen smashing windows with a skateboard. also arrested a 21-year-old man who is accused of vandalism on nancy pelosi's home. he was allegedly breaking into another home once on monday and then again on election day and investigators do not believe it was politically motivated. >> sal, how is traffic, we are getting close. we are doing nicely around the bay area and let's start off north bay and no major problems here. also if you are driving on the freeways, there are no problems on to the bridge itself.
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we talked about san francisco in san bruno and that area is off to a good start. >> we are happy to be here. here is that nor'easter with the rain showers and snow showers. they have been diminishing with coverage. back here we have dry conditions and rain fall to our north and this will be a for are -- factor. it will be cold out there and we will continue that with the weekend at least for the morning hours and the weekend should be dry. current numbers stepping outside, stepping outside and also windy out towards oakland airport and we do have a bit of a breeze out there. here is our forecast model, scattered showers into the early portion of the afternoon and this begins to move approaching the south bay and
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by 4:00 moving out of the region and we could have activity flare-up, actually late tomorrow morning. and clouds on the increase, the chance of a shower, scattered showers and 55 to right around 62 degrees and we have temperatures in the 70s and 80s, today barely making it to the 60s and 80s and here is that chance of a shower into friday, a sun cloud mix and get ready for saturday, sunday and even into monday morning. >> okay, bundle up. a reported kidnapping, the many questions that still surround this disturbing case. and a big hotel in burlingame, stay with us.
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